Komiza is placed on the island Vis, one of the islands of Middle Dalmatia which is connected with daily boat-lines Split-Vis. The town is placed in a bay on the western part of island Vis, under the hill Hum (600m). Komiza attracts tourists with beautiful beaches. Along the eastern part of the bay, there are a lot of beaches which has small stones: Gusarica, Nova posta, Velo zalo and others. There are also a few sandy beaches there. Fruitful land in the inner part of island is giving inhabitants opportunity to grow grapes and fruit. On island Vis you can find a cardob ( rogac in Croatian language) which is a famous delicacy. Thanks to the fact that Vis is so far from the main land, sea around Vis is rich with fish and shells. It’s impossible to imagine traditional food without fruits from the sea. If you like sport and active holidays you can choose bowling, basketball, handball, volleyball and football. There are also many sea sports such as diving, sailing and surfing. If you are interested in having fun and cultural happenings, you can find lots of happening during the summer. From the small, traditional restaurants (Konobas) you can hear the sounds of songs, coming from Klapa (Dalmatian mans quire).

We are recommending for visiting: Castle in the harbour from 15. century; monastery St. Nikola from 13.century known as Munster; romanic church from 13. century; baroque holyplace from 16. century; buildings from Art Nouveau style; wine basement Podspilja; town of Vis; island Bisevo and the famous Blue Cave.

Vis Island

is one of the largest and furthest islands in the group of central Dalmatian islands. It is situated 45 km from land and is separated from the island of Hvar by the 18 km wide Vis Channel. Vis is connected to Split and Hvar (year round) via regular ferry lines, and in the summer season, also to Ancona on the Italian coast.


The largest settlements on the island are Vis on the eastern coast and Komiza on the western coast of the island.


The island has dry and hot summers and mild and wet winters. The island belongs to the Adriatic type of the Mediterranean climate. The average summer temperature is one to two degrees lower than on the mainland, and two to three degrees higher in winter. The medium annual temperature is above 18oC. The medium sea temperature is around 17oC.


The sandy island soil best suits the development of wine-growing, making the Vis wines among the best in Dalmatia. The queen of wines - Vugava was born as the result of grape loving attitude. It is made from the grape sort of the same name, which grows exclusively in localities of the Vis wine region. It has a specific aroma which is subtle, deep and full. It is easily recognizable by its luxuriously full honey flavour. Plavac is by far the best known wine sort, a high quality sort of grape and wine.